Hawke's Bay Region

The Hawke’s Bay Region is a hunting and fishing paradise with four major rivers creating endless opportunities to land a fearsome fighting trout or bag a wiley and crafty game bird. The Hawke’s Bay Region involves the wilderness and excitement of the Kaweka and Ruahine ranges where all our major rivers orginate from before meandering through the rolling foot hills and out onto the flat and lush plains that make up what is known as the sunny Hawke’s Bay.

Our lands are full of diversity with scrubby river margins bordered by vineyards and orchards creating ideal upland game habitat, large braided or smaller channelled rivers full of fighting trout and wetlands of all shapes, sizes and types creating ideal habitat for waterfowl.  The region is blessed with great access to all the major rivers and most are no more than an hours drive from the main centres.

To learn more about what our wonderful region has to offer for both hunter and angler continue to scroll through the links to the right and you’ll find plenty of information to assist you in your quest for a successful hunt or fish. See the menu to the right for navigation options.

Wetland Creation: Hawke's Bay Fish & Game are always keen to help those who are interested in creating new wetlands or enhance existing ones. No matter whether you are seeking advice on dam construction, consent processes, planting, fencing or funding, we are always keen to offer our support and expertise. Please contact us for more information.

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Hawke's Bay News

Hawke's Bay Reel Life Nov 2014

Summertime and the fishing’s ‘warm & enjoyable’


Hawke's Bay Reel Life Oct 2014

Anglers swarmed over Hawke's Bay’s rivers over the first week of the new season.


Hawke's Bay Both Barrels Jun 2014

With a couple of stormy weekends and nights, this season’s hunting is finally starting to pick up as birds are moving around more and flying low.


Hawke's Bay Reel Life May 2014

May is usually the time for sitting in a freezing maimai watching birds fly past rather than fishing…however the weather has produced some perfect conditions for fishing rather than game bird hunting.